From a UKM student:

“F*ck me, finished training with Darren tonight and driving home as usual and there is a car accident. One car smashes into the side of another one causing a bit of a mess. I’m first car there follow by a couple more. I get out and run over to the car which is looking like the driver my have come of worst and fortunately nobody is hurt so I call the police to report the accident as there are car part in the road etc. So I’m on the phone to the police when 3 guys get out of the second car and one of them walks over to me while I’m still on the phone to the police and he tells me to get off of the phone and not to talk to police which the police operator can hear and she is telling me to stay on the line, at this point I ask the gent to back away politely so he turns and take a few steps away then turns and starts heading back to me and starts telling me to hang up which again the police operator can hear, this time he is closer to me so I’ve got the phone to one ear still talking to the police and I put a fence up with my free hand and again tell the gent to back way, he turned away took a step then turn back and tried to take the phone at which point I power slapped him so hard he fell straight to the ground with his specs going in another direction, he was in a bit of shock but to ensure nothing else could happen rolled him onto his stomach sat on his hips and put his arm up behind his back and moved it toward the back of his head telling him not to move or things will get worse for him fast. I’ve been able to keep track of the other 2 who decided to head back to the second car and rather not get involved! Police arrived took details but indicated that they are aware of someone trying to interfere as the operator has heard the entire thing and inform them and they basically said no problem as he was causing the problem and because he was slapped so deemed as minimal force used to control situation.”

“I didn’t expect my Thursday Krav class to end up with it being necessary to use techniques which we have practiced in order to get home!”

“So there you are, I can tell you first had a Power Slap can take a man down easily.”

“Thank you for training gents, it just paid off.”